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Where it All Begins: “The Farmer and the Hash Writer”

Updated: Apr 20, 2023


Imagine, a new industry arrived. One that from its inception is deemed a nine-billion-dollar industry, fully functioning in the shadows long before the “industry” ever began. An industry that will yield with it, monumental riches, heaping on generational prosperity to those with the gall to act. Imagine, being able to get in on the ground level of this Gold-Rush turned green, buying up land and throwing up greenhouses. While a cannabis farm has been a dream for generations of youthful smokers, today it’s a dream anyone in their right mind would share in. Eyeing an opportunity to get in on the ground floor, Eric Walz of Humboldt Kine Farms made the move many of us will only dream about.

From the sunny So-Cal shores of San Diego to the Emerald Triangle and Humboldt County, California, the weed-world (pun-intended) is thankful for this solventless savant. Pumping out the finest Fresh-Frozen harvests in Humboldt County, helped the esteemed Humboldt Kine Farms surmount last year’s opposition, cleaning up in the most sought-after product category in cannabis: Ice Water Hash. He showed his first glimpse of genius by choosing to trust @Papas_Select. With the absolute excellence and precision quality Papa’s Select is now known for, Walz top spot in the Emerald Cup was solidified by a second-place finish for his Peanut Butter Breath. With Papa’s Select taking four out of the top five spots, I’d say both parties were on to something truly special. The two are working together to provide the best hash and rosin yet to reach California’s retail cannabis shelves. Only five years removed from So-Cal, Eric Walz has built a farm, a following, and a future for cannabis. A future that few are pushing further than the solventless producers of the new, ice-water-world of hashish. Leaving behind the warm winters of SoCal for a cold and rainy Emerald Triangle, Walz has the vision and wit to see opportunity, but more importantly, the nerve to lead and the will to act. When met with opportunities many would shy away from, Walz was forced to test his resolve. His actions and drive to further cannabis and anchor himself to the ground-floor of a brand-new industry, leaves Walz to be best described as brazen in his efforts. He’s connecting the best with the best, to be the best, and the results are irrefutable.

In his first season in Humboldt, there was plenty to learn as one would expect and the first harvest was relatively small, but the evidence of quality was there. Over the next two years he would take things to another level, bringing the hash world some of the terpiest, tastiest, and most distinguished profiles of any genetics I have ever come across. Eric Walz’s outdoor, living-soil runs of THC-Bomb are nothing short of perfection and one of the clearest representations of what the new ice water hash experience is all about. It’s one of those terpene profiles best described, and quite perfectly described I might add, by Big-League Chew bubblegum, in Ground-Ball Grape. Lip-smacking, sugary-sweet, grape goodness with a euphoric blast to rival any other genetic As if the gold medal THC-Bomb and silver medal Peanut Butter Breath wasn’t enough, @HumboldtKineFarms brought one bad-mother to the shelves this past year. The 2020 runs of Zberries are a delight that truly cannot be described. There is no way to do justice to the elaborate, heavy glass-staining flavor, coating your mouth with the strongest cherry and berry vapors imaginable. The abundance of sweet cherry is perfectly intertwined with touches and notes of gas and chronic. It is the “full-fledged-package” and I readily expect another top finish for the reigning Champ, as Emerald Cup judging is currently underway. Quickly acquiring a nice little genetic library of his own, Walz’s home farm is the optimal hash making terroir. Split down the middle with five thousand square feet of living soil beds that are harvested twice a year, and five thousand feet of Tier 2, mixed light greenhouses. Eric has no shortage of options when it comes to different cultivation techniques to produce optimal terpene profiles. The outdoor beds allow for full living soil and low input farming, where mother nature plays a key role in determining the profile of each batch. This allows for variation from batch to batch and year to year that can be distinguished as Vintage Variations. Walz believes in both full-sun, living soil and mixed lighting options to grow the terpene rich cannabis his home terroir is quickly becoming recognized for.

Unlike modern and automated greenhouses, Humboldt Kine Farms runs a totally organic system of fertilizers that are “brewed” into a “tea”. To sustain life-forms in a living-soil garden, it requires a mix of organic ingredients. This “tea” as it’s called, is brewed, and then taken down the rows of both indoor greenhouses, watering his home plants by hand. The same is done on his outdoor rows, as each plant gets specific attention daily. Another legend among the Humboldt Cannabis scene @Mr.Miyagiwax is Head of Cultivation, formulating specific feeding programs centered around hash production. Walz credits Mr. Miyagi with the recent increase in quality, directly translated from @Mr.Myagi’s many years of experience and skill growing cannabis. Walz home farm is growing for hash, which means among other things, fresh-frozen harvests. This eliminates drying the cannabis flowers, preserving the full terpene profile of the living plant. After doing a quick, light-trim the cannabis is immediately bagged and frozen to perfectly preserve the trichomes covering the surface of the plants. With his farm functioning on all cylinders and @Papa’s_Select producing elite level hash and rosin from Humboldt Kine, Walz looked to expand his elite style of cultivation. A partnership was formed with Humboldt Cannabis legend, @Humboldt_Exotics and the partnership has led to the highest quality mixed-light flower operations. Setting a standard for Humboldt indoor quality, their first farm can be found @quantumhumboldt with more farms coming online soon! Utilizing the greenhouse’s protection, climate control, and various other automation common to indoor gardens, but with the added benefit of access to the sun, they're raising expectations. As a tier-2 certified, mixed-light garden, the maximum allowable Watts per square foot are greatly increased to 25. This allows for the maximum amount of light in addition to the fresh air and UV rays. These greenhouses utilize automated tarps to control light cycles, extending the winter days and shortening the summer light. Year-round harvests are possible thanks to “light deprivation,” which has become a common practice across the cannabis industry. Walz and co. are constantly optimizing every aspect of the garden. From the automated light deprivation tarps that expand over the garden and retract by themselves daily, to a fully automated watering system that nurtures the plants. This is modern cannabis farming at its absolute finest, combining a list of the best growing practices known today.

Humboldt Kine Farms and Papa’s Select have changed the way people think about outdoor cannabis, beginning with the author of this article. It wasn’t until fresh-frozen harvests and ice water hash, that the true quality of outdoor growing was truly perceived. Prohibition’s reign had me stuck on indoor techniques for nearly a decade before the recent advances in hashish refinement helped refocus my attention back on Emerald County farmers, who are the heart and soul of the cannabis industry, after all. The cannabis world has quickly changed gears, allowing me and everyone else to appreciate the Emerald County growers like Eric Walz and his @humboldtkinefarms. Using the best of both worlds in a mixed-light garden, is symbolic of Walz’s drive to succeed through creative collaboration. As one of the first farmer’s I met after moving the operation to Humboldt, Humboldt Kine Farms and Papa’s Select have allowed me to see into a world I once dreamed of. I thought I missed my opportunity years ago, but perseverance and a handful of incredible people have allowed this amazing plant to provide opportunities where there appeared none. Make sure to Subscribe to and follow @Hashwriter as I continue to learn and write about this incredible plant and what’s happening in post-Prohibition’s Emerald Triangle. Walz's early success has helped me and those around him to succeed, a trait that is rare in today's economy. Keep your eyes out for much more success and many more legendary cuts coming from Eric Walz’s @HumboldtKineFarms, @Papas_Select, and




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