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Growing For Hash 2023: Season 1, Episode 1

Well, well, everyone, it has arrived. The official Youtube channel of @HumboldtKineFarms is live and in action. We just finished up with the first episode and wanted to share it with you here. Make sure to subscribe to our channel, follow us, and hit the alert bell for future notifications. Oh, and make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to stay in the loop.

Follow us around the farm and see behind the scenes into what it takes to produce world class fresh frozen cannabis intended for hash making. Check out some of our techniques and strategies used to achieve Emerald Cup winning cannabis, as the owner and founder Eric Walz tours us around the farm. Click below to link direct to Youtube for Episode number one...

Season 1, Episode 1 dives right into the action as Spring planting was underway. And just as quick as Spring came, harvest number one is right around the corner and we plan to bring everyone who wants along for the ride. Thanks for watching and we will be back soon with Episode #2.


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